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Laman Utama Guidelines Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

 Answers/Guide to Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ’s )



1)     What is the core business of PERHEBAT? 

As an agency specifically created by the government, PERHEBAT has been given the mandate and responsibility to guide and train retiring and retired MAF personnel in acquiring new skills and improvement of existing skills for their second career. 

2)     Besides providing training courses, what are the other services available in PERHEBAT? 

Besides identifying, planning, implementing and evaluating existing and new training programs, PERHEBAT also provide advisory services regarding training, courses and retirement counseling for its clients comprising of retiring/retired MAF personnel and the Management Division of MAF’s Resettlement Training. 

3)     How do I become a member of PERHEBAT? 

There is confusion amongst retiring/retired army personnel regarding PERHEBAT and PBTM.  PERHEBAT is neither an association nor an NGO, unlike PBTM which provides a membership application form and requires a fee to be a member.  On the other hand, PERHEBAT was established by the government under an Act of Parliament whereby all retiring/retired MAF personnel automatically qualify to utilise the training facilities provided.    

3)     Can an army personnel work for PERHEBAT after retirement from MAF and how is it done? 

New recruitment of staff for PERHEBAT is based on availability of existing posts and creation of new posts.  MAF personnel are more than welcomed to apply if they are eligible and qualified according to the job specifications required.  Recruitment of new employees will be advertised in all mainstream newspapers.  The selection process of candidates will be based on interviews and competency tests.


FAQs about Courses   

1)     What are the type of courses offered by PERHEBAT? 

PERHEBAT annually runs short-term courses not exceeding 2 weeks, such as Integrated Pre-Resettlement Training Program and Basic Agriculture & Livestock Farming.  While long term courses are between 3 to 18 months, in fields related to Building Construction & Engineering, Automotive, Electrical & Electronics, Business Management, Tourism, Catering, Hospitality, Media & ICT and Occupational Safety & Health. 

2)     How do I get information about the courses and apply for admission?

PERHEBAT sends out circulars regarding courses and training prospectus offered by PERHEBAT to ATM’s Service Division, all ATM Units and PBTM Divisions nation wide every year.  Besides that, PERHEBAT also distributes pamphlets and information regarding training and courses organized by PERHEBAT from time to time.  Information can also be obtained by surfing PERHEBAT’s web site at

All applicants must use the designated Application for Courses forms, as follows :-

PERHEBAT 11 – Pindaan 6 Form for Pre and Post–Resettlement Training Courses/Programs

KEMBARAN A Kepada PMAT Bil. 5 Tahun 2005  Form for Resettlement Training Courses / Programs.

The forms can also be downloaded by accessing PERHEBAT’s web site at  All application forms that have been completed must be submitted to the headquarters of PERHEBAT before the stipulated closing date.

4)     Can I apply online? 

At the moment, only retired personnel may apply online.  Retiring personnel still has to go through the proper in-service procedures. 

5)     Can I use a photocopy of the form to apply? 

Yes, as long as all the required information has been filled completely. 

6)     How long is the course duration? 

It depends on the course you have chosen.  Pre-Resettlement Training programs do not exceed 2 weeks, while the Resettlement Training Courses itself runs between 3 to 18 months. 

7)      Am I qualified to apply for training courses offered by PERHEBAT? 

PERHEBAT offer courses specifically for retiring and retired MAF’s personnel to accommodate their plans for retirement. 

8)     Are there any fees involved? 

It is free for Pre and Post-Resettlement Training Programs/Courses  not exceeding 2 weeks.  There is a fee of RM30.00 for courses with a duration of between 3 to 6 months.  For courses exceeding 6 months, a fee of RM52.00 is required.  Meals and lodging is provided free of charge.  However, there will be a returnable loss/damage deposit of RM30.00. 

9)      Which category will be given priority regarding the services rendered by PERHEBAT? 

PERHEBAT does not set any priority guidelines in providing its services.  However, there is a quota of 20% each course for retired personnel.  Both categories are strongly encouraged to utilise our facilities in upgrading their skills, knowledge and the socio-economic level of their family. 

10)    Does PERHEBAT open its courses to spouses and children of MAF’s personnel? 

PERHEBAT was established under a Parliamentary Act which stated that all facilities provided by PERHEBAT is solely for the benefit of retiring and retired MAF’s personnel only. 

11)   Are the training instructors employees of PERHEBAT or does PERHEBAT also uses the services of external trainers? 

All training instructors employed under PERHEBAT must undergo a mandatory ’Vocational Training Officer’ course to qualify as an instructor or trainer in PERHEBAT.  Besides that, they must possess the skill certificates relevant to their job.  Therefore, all instructors or trainers are employees of PERHEBAT.  However, under certain circumstances where PERHEBAT lack the expertise, external assistance would then be acquired.

  • 12)   Under what circumstances does PERHEBAT acquire the services of external trainers?

    The management of PERHEBAT realizes and agrees that it does not have the capability of providing and meeting all the various customers’ demand.  However, PERHEBAT has forged a continuous relationship with external training providers in the public and private agencies, to provide training opportunities and fulfilling the customers’ demands especially in courses not implemented by PERHEBAT itself.  From time to time, PERHEBAT’s Curriculum Development Committee and MAF’s Resettlement Training Standardization and Development Committee will identify the latest training requirements besides improving on the already existing programs.   

    13)     What are the criteria set by PERHEBAT for external trainers to constantly demonstrate the required performance?  

    Each external trainer must attain a minimum evaluation score of 3.5 in handling their respective courses.  Those who fail to achieve it will not be allowed to render their services again in PERHEBAT.  

    14)   Who is responsible in managing and coordinating training and courses in PERHEBAT?

    Just as in Universities with their Faculties according to its discipline, PERHEBAT has 7 centers that caters for training and courses according to their field of trades.  They are

    Automotive Engineering Center;

    Building and Engineering Center;

    Electrical and Electronics Engineering Center;

    Media and ICT Center;

    Tourism and Hospitality Management Center

    Food and Catering Service Management Center; and

    Entrepreneurial Development Center

    Besides that, PERHEBAT is planning to set up 4 Territorial Campuses which will also offer courses to cater to the designated region.  The campuses are the Southern Territory, Northern Territory, Eastern Territory and Sarawak/Sabah Territory.


    Success Story

    PERHEBAT is compiling success stories on the ex-trainees.


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    Career Oppurtunity

    Iklan Jawatan Kosong di PERHEBAT 2015

    Terdapat beberapa kekosongan jawatan di PERHEBAT. 


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    Ex Trainees's Feedbacks

    PERHEBAT  welcome feedbacks from ex-trainees on their employment status after completing resettlement training.  Click here to give feedbacks.

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